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Maximize Your Reach

MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH is a project initiated by Tignum. MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH starts the discussion about the human element of Sustainable High Performance in the real world of business.

Most executives are not aware that they can be more. They don’t know that they are a product of their choices and habits. They too often become comfortably numb and lose their competitive edge. They may not energize or impact others like they want, they may not focus and concentrate like they wish they could, and they may not bounce back from travel, stress, illness, and the numerous setbacks that a busy life presents. In short: they don’t maximize their reach.

MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH will be a collection of 30 interview clips of 3 minutes. Every clip looks at the different challenges executives face (travel, politics, shareholder pressures, meetings, crisis, etc.) and how they still perform at the highest level. All interviewees are senior executives and high performers from all types of genre (business, sports, politics).

Out of all 30 clips we will cut a 10 to 15 minute documentary. All clips and the final documentary will be housed on a website called

This project is about capturing the emotions and the experience of high performance, not necessarily the metrics. It’s about sharing simple stories to show the business world that it’s really high performing leaders that help everyone Maximize Your Reach.