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Scott Peltin

When we work with our clients, we sometimes start with a discussion about investments. We ask, “How many of you have invested in your retirement so you will have enough money to live comfortably?” Every hand goes up every time. Then we ask, “How many of you have invested or planned for your personal vitality and energy so you can enjoy all of your passions when you retire?” Many of the hands go down. 

Recently, I was talking with a colleague, Palika Trudeau, and she asked me a very provocative and interesting question. What if you were to ask your executive clients, “How many of you have invested in your relationships (spouse, partner, kids, etc.) so that you can have the quality of companionship you want when you retire?” I smiled because this is a great question and I really don’t know how many hands would stay up. Almost every one of our clients puts their spouse, partner, or kids as their primary support system to help them accomplish their To Be Vision. Therefore, you would assume everyone’s hand would go up - but I’m not so sure.

Sustainable High Performance requires a new level of preparation. It requires a High Performance Mindset that is filled with the right thoughts and aligned with the right intentions. It requires the right food so that your brain can think quickly and clearly. It requires the right movement so that you can be pain-free with great poise and posture. It requires the right recovery so that you can be calm, fully present, and resilient. Your relationships require the same things. In fact, one of the greatest improvements we see from our clients is when they start preparing for their work-to-home transition as a peak performance (because it is one), they find themselves engaged with their spouse and their kids for the first time. It not only feels good, it also yields big results. Even more important, these results don’t stay at home, they spill over into their work, benefiting their team and co-workers.

A colleague, friend, author, and inspiring speaker, Keith Ferrazzi, has helped create winning teams by building authentic and committed relationships. He has changed the way teams deal with challenges and create great profits by building strong relationships. Your personal energy, resilience, brain-agility, and capacity are always at the foundation of all of these relationships. This requires preparation and it requires the great Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery strategies we teach at Tignum. But the question is, “Why would you only do this for your work relationships?” Whatever you invest your time, energy, focus, and attention in will grow. Today, prepare for your work-to-home transition and see what happens.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and have you share your experiences.

By Scott Peltin
Founder & Chief Performance Officer