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Jogi Rippel

At times you wake up and swear you’ve lived this day before.  Everything feels like a memory of an experience you have already had - similar to the movie Groundhog Day.  Here we sit, at the end of 2012, and I realize that 2013 will start almost exactly how 2012 started. The US is dealing with a fiscal cliff, Europe is in the midst of an economic crisis, there is unrest in the Middle East, and the business world is poised to approach their challenges with the same response they have habitually used in the past. In fact, the business world is the only place where tough challenges are met with franticness and knee-jerk reactivity.

At Tignum, our hope is that even though the world may feel the same, our clients can see and take another path. We encourage them to apply their Tignum strategies so they can bring calmness, purposefulness, agility, and new solutions to their challenges. In fact, our excitement for 2013 is huge because we know that within huge challenges sits some amazing opportunities for those who are prepared and who refuse to allow the three I’s (intensity, immediacy, and insecurity) to dominate.

This is why we are putting our 2013 Tignum Manifesto out there -  a written public declaration to rebut business as usual and to take a bold and committed stance. MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH is our mantra, “Be Better in 2013” is our clear goal, and our Manifesto 2013 is as follows, which hopefully gives some guidance:

.01 more fun - less boring (meetings, people, and initiatives)
.02 more promise and deliver -  less excuses 
.03 more meaning - less crap (emails, meetings, projects, processes)
.04 more boldness - less hesitation
.05 more design (travel, meetings, coming home) - less luck 
.06 more me time - less others and other stuff
.07 more good questions - less assumptions
.08 more high performance habits - less energy draining
.09 more humility - less facade
.10 more agility - less franticness 
.11 more less - less more

We hope this list provides you some inspiration to think and plan your performance in 2013. Share it //Challenge it // Adjust it // Live it // and make your personal Sustainable High Performance your default.  We will continue giving leaders a helping hand in bringing ambition, drive, inspiration, and insights back to human performance.

Team TIGNUM wishes you great holidays and a fantastic 2013.


By Jogi Rippel
CEO // Founder