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Jogi Rippel

After working with top executives from all over the world, we have learned that Sustainable High Performance does not occur by chance. It requires conscious choice, applied in a strategic manner, followed by purposeful actions. When highly talented leaders and their teams strategically apply high performance behaviors, they energize their teams and projects, they increase their effectiveness, they have more impact, and they create better business results.

Today we would like to introduce our new Sustainable High Performance Index and invite you to self-asses your current performance behaviors and how sustainable they are (see link below).

We believe there are three main dimensions of human performance at the top executive level:

_ Intellectual (knowledge, experience, skill)
_ Emotional (values, purpose, emotional intelligence)
_ Functional (biochemical, biomechanical, bioelectrical)

The TIGNUM Sustainable High Performance Index was designed to evaluate the functional dimension of performance. This tool was not designed to evaluate talent or current performance. Instead, it was designed to measure current behaviors in five key areas (Performance Mindset, Performance Nutrition, Performance Movement, Performance Recovery, and Level of Preparation) that we have found to have a profound impact on executional stamina, resilience, mental agility, and energy.

The TIGNUM Sustainable High Performance Index categorizes current behaviors into one of three categories: LOW (take action), MODERATE (be proactive), and HIGH (maintain). In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, where there are many critical challenges, we have found that even the most talented executives will not consistently make the best decisions, deliver the best results, and have the most impact if their personal performance behaviors do not meet the demands they face. 
If you want to test yourself, and receive a personal feedback report, click on:
Copy and then paste, or type the following department code: e8jbbweb6n6dzet

If you have any questions about your results, just drop us a note and we will go through them with you. If you have already been a beta-user of the Index, we thank you for your participation in the development and refinement of this very powerful tool.  We encourage you to take it again, as we have made some great changes. If you are interested in having your team do the assessment and receiving a team report (no personal data will be compromised),  please send us an email and we can set up a team code specifically for you.

Enjoy your results.

By Jogi Rippel
CEO // Founder