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Your Default Future


Your Default Future

Scott Peltin

When we work with clients, we try to help them understand that every day they have over 1,000 choices, each of which will either improve their Sustainable High Performance or decrease it.  This fork in the road is actually the intersection of two very distinct directions. One path leads to a new future where they will have more energy, resilience, brain agility, and executional stamina; the other is to a default future where they will likely end up in the survival mode (a Floater).

We are creatures of habit. There are sub-conscious, or unconscious, behaviors that are not usually developed by purposeful, or strategic, thought but rather by default. Sometimes they are the result of taking the path of least resistance but most of the time they are the remnants of patterns practiced earlier in life (sometimes as early as high school or college). Unfortunately, although these habits may have allowed (usually not actually created) high performance, the truth is that they often don’t serve our best interests later in our professional life.  They definitely don’t create Sustainable High Performance.

More and more, our clients are telling us that the pace of business is unsustainably hectic. They tell us that they too often answer over 150 emails a day, attend (or lead) more than 5 meetings a day, and must deliver greater and greater results with smaller teams and less resources. They share that they know they are floating and unable to innovate and lead in a manner that the company needs to win, but they don’t know (or trust in) another way. They realize that they are heading toward a personal default future of brain fog, physical and mental fatigue, and low productivity. They also realize that their organizations are heading toward a default future of frantic activity and constant realignment in search of some quick wins, even if this doesn’t serve their long term needs.

Our passion, and our message, is to stop this trend and to show there is another future available and we have seen that it can and does exist. When you purposefully and strategically mentally prepare for a key meeting, you consciously head towards a new future.  When you oscillate throughout your day, so your energy is constantly renewed, you avoid a default future of brain fog and fatigue and instead head toward a new future. When you stop skipping breakfast and instead select a high performance meal full of key nutrients to power your brain, you head towards a new future. When you move throughout your day and stimulate your brain and immune system, you move towards a new future. This new future is a future of Sustainable High Performance.

When we work with clients, we help them develop a new future that we call their To Be Vision. This vision is a focused, detailed, personal, emotional, and vivid picture of themselves as the person (leader, parent, partner, friend, sibling, etc.) they want to be. It is a new future where they are full of energy and have resilience, mental agility, and executional stamina. We also help our clients lead their teams and their organizations to move their culture away from a default future of franticness, but rather toward a new future of innovation and agility.

The fact is that you are not a victim. You are in control of your, and your organization’s, future. The question is, which future do you want? The even better question is, what did you do today to move away from your default future and towards your new future? Our dream and our passion is to help create a new future.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

By Scott Peltin
Founder // Chief Performance Officer