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Sustainable High Performance at Home


Sustainable High Performance at Home

Scott Peltin

Anyone who has ever worked with us at Tignum knows that when we talk about Sustainable High Performance and increasing your energy, mental agility, resilience, and stamina, we are talking as much about at home as we are about at work.  Recently, I was speaking at an event and one of our clients shared a personal story about how this impacted his life.

He bravely shared that prior to becoming a Sustainable High Performer he approached home after work as a place to eat, finish work, pretend he was listening to his wife and kids, and crawl into bed so he could hopefully get enough sleep to make it into work the next day. While he usually accomplished making it into work the next day, what he badly missed were the benefits of being deeply involved with his family. Not that he didn’t want to. He often told others how important his family was to him. Unfortunately, his disconnection with his family was from the lack of energy and mental agility to connect with them.

When he started working on his own personal innovation, one commitment he made was changing this. Not only did he want to apply his new strategies to be better at work, he wanted to walk in the door at home with the same focus, energy, intention, and passion that he usually walked into work with. To make this happen, he approached going home every day like the peak performances that required excellence at work.

As he told his story to the crowd, I could sense that he was quite emotional because this was deeply personal. He talked about the new relationship he now has with his wife and his kids and about how much satisfaction this not only brings to him personally, but actually how it feeds him professionally. The truth is that wanting something and actually being able to achieve it are two completely different things. Relationships take the right mindset, they take energy, they require the right intentions, and they require resilience.

John Medina, the author of Brain Rules, is often approached by men looking for the silver bullet of fathering. In one way or another, they all come around to asking, “What is the most important thing I can do as a father?”  His answer, though often shocking, is “Go home and love your wife”. The point is, when you put your Sustainable High Performance strategies into play with the people you care about the most, you change their lives and ultimately in some small way, you change the world. Additionally, the other benefits include being more resilient, more balanced at work, more creative, a better leader, and happier.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


By Scott Peltin
Founder & Chief Performance Officer