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Scott Peltin

Clearly one of a leader’s key roles is to energize her/his teams. Finding ways to introduce, reinforce, and support Sustainable High Performance strategies can be a challenge. This week, at an offsite in Lisbon, Portugal, I saw a very innovative way to have some fun, give the gift of Sustainable High Performance, reinforce some key strategies/learning, and get some movement in from Novartis Vaccines, VP Global Head of Quality, Susanne Martz. 

In the spirit of Easter, Susanne had her team do an Easter egg hunt. Each plastic egg was filled with a fortune (small piece of paper with a message). On each fortune was a key strategy or lesson from what the team had learned from Tignum. After going around the room and each person reading their lesson, the lessons were put on a board for everyone to see. Here are some of the key lessons; perhaps one will resonate with you:

_Take the shift from pretending we are super human to applying Sustainable High Performance strategies so we can be super humans.

_Energy, sustainability, focus, and confidence are all benefits of Sustainable High Performance strategies. Think different - Think benefit attainment.

_Breathing is the perfect way to quiet the brain, gain control of your emotions, rebalance your autonomic nervous system, and prepare for a high performance meeting. 

_If you are limited by your self-image, why not create a more powerful one. Think different - Think To Be Vision._The brain is made up of 80% water. Hydrate and remove brain fog. 

_Stress, skills, and a trusting mindset are the ingredients to get into the zone. Think different - Think flow. 

_Stay away from persecuting failures to reframing failures into their components of small successes such as the critical lessons, the willingness to be bold and take chances, and the things you did well. 

_Daily prep movements are a fantastic way to increase your energy, reduce pain, turn on your entire brain, and set the stage for a high performance day.

_If you want a Sustainable High Performing brain for a long time to come, you may want to include berries, walnuts, and a variety of deeply colored vegetables and fruits in your daily food list.

_Mental imagery is a powerful tool that can help you improve your performance in almost every situation - at work and away from work.

_Oscillation is the only way to keep your battery charged all day and to optimize your performance throughout your day.

_Going into meetings with clear intentions, a vision for success, a high-performing brain, and energy to give, is the sign of a high performer. Think different - Think preparation.

_Reviewing the things you did well today is a great way to improve your autonomic balance and your quality of sleep.

_High performance isn’t something you leave at the office. Use a work to home transition and design high performance at home. 

_Sustainable High Performance strategies don’t take more time, they only take more choice. Think different - Think purposeful choice.

_Every day you have 1,000 choices in Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Each choice will either move you closer to your To Be Vision or farther away. You’re just one choice away.

_Drama is the biggest mindset killer. Reframe, reframe, reframe. 

_A positive mindset is good but a mindset that is highly aware, focuses on those things within its control, and is action/solution-oriented is a high performance mindset

._Power naps aren’t for just making up for sleep deprivation, they are a proven tool for improving brain performance.

_No one performs their best alone. Build a strong support system so you can be a Sustainable High Performer.

_Take just one minute to transition from where you currently are to where you want to be. Ask yourself these simple 4 questions:    

  • How do I want to be in this next event (e.g., open, solution-oriented, trusting, excited, focused, concentrated, value adding)?
  • What are my intentions for this next event?
  • What will a good outcome (success) look like?
  • Am I prepared (intellectually, emotionally, and functionally (brain, energy))?

I hope you gain some benefit from this Easter egg hunt and gain some reminders to take you closer to your To Be Vision. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.