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Scott Peltin

In today’s complex and often overwhelming world, one thing we have found at Tignum is that the simplest solutions are almost always the best. What makes them the best is that they are useable, memorable, actionable, and clever.

Recently during a coaching call, I was discussing with a top executive client the need to implement some simple transitions between her meetings. Like so many clients, she was finding her day to be a melting pot of meeting after meeting where she often could find herself mentally in another meeting rather than the one she was attending. As we discussed the menu of Tignum approaches for building in transitions, I could quickly tell that time was her major constraint and any solution that required more than 30 seconds was going to surely fall into the “nice to do” pile.

Today I received a photo of her simple solution to two very real challenges she was facing. The first was setting clear intentions for each meeting to improve her presence and prevent that dreadful performance we have discussed previously, intentional deficit disorder. The second was her need for a quick mental transition to help her maximize her presence, focus, and engagement for the meeting she was going in to.

Her solution is a simple sticker on her computer with the letters   This stands for Who Do I Want To Be In This Next Meeting. Before each meeting she quickly looks at this on her computer and before she dials in (or walks into the room) she sets a few clear and achievable intentions.


Simplicity is always amazing. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.