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Jogi Rippel

Power is an interesting concept. On one hand it is often spoken about as something that comes with position, from having an unfair influence like with politics, or even as something that can be so inebriating that it destroys even the most morally strong. On the other hand power can be seen as the application of effort and force to drive results. It is the absolute thing that athletes train for so they can get results. 

Over the past 10 years, as we have helped our clients apply the science of success to drive results, we have often seen that it’s not always about just having more energy. In many ways it is about developing, applying, and maintaining the power necessary to impact others and get results. When we enter a key event with the wrong mindset, we lose all of our power. When we come unprepared, fatigued, or brain fogged, we don’t have the power to make an impact. We come to that event flat and we hope that nobody will notice, but they do. 

In the old way of thinking, getting promoted meant instant power. Learning to manipulate people better than others meant I gained power. Playing political games meant I became more powerful. Today, this is a dysfunctional way of thinking as this is false power and is not only unsustainable, it is often destructive and suicidal. The most powerful leaders we see are the ones with the high performance mindset quality of humility, combined with an amazing personal preparation process to inspire and drive productivity and impact. 

In physics, power is the product of work divided by time. This means the more impact I have in the time that I invest, the more I drive results, and the more power I generate. Low efficiency equals low time. Being caustic and having a mindset that infects the team with conflict reduces power.  In this new way of thinking, power isn’t something I am anointed with, it is something I create to drive results. Power is created by having a clear purpose, setting clear intentions before peak performances, and bringing the energy and mindset to energize others, the resilience to not be sidelined by a setback, the mental agility to inspire new ways of thinking, and the stamina to drive projects through to completion. 

Interestingly, when you watch a powerful athlete you realize that they have this amazing mix of strength and relaxation. They are clearly agile and never frantic. They are focused and purposeful with no energy leaks. The new power for executives will require the same attributes. This will require the total integration of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery strategies. It will require habitual preparation for key events. This type of power is not inebriating; it is fulfilling. This type of power is created by the science of success.

As you reflect on this new power, we would love to hear what you think.