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Scott Peltin

This past Sunday, 28 NFL Football teams played in 14 games. This means 14 teams walked away with a win and 14 teams walked away with a walk. During those games, every single play was analyzed by sportscasters and during halftime and post-game shows the highlights and lowlights were shown. On Monday, the day after those games, every single one of the coaches was immersed in game film trying to analyze exactly what went wrong, what went right, and who was responsible for what. On Tuesday, most teams have sessions where the coaches share certain clips and hold each player accountable for their triumphs, their mistakes, and their mental breakdowns. In other words, players are forced to take responsibility for their actions and nothing goes unnoticed. 

Can you imagine if your week was analyzed this same way on Friday? What would we see if we watched all of your meetings, your one-on-one interactions with your co-workers, your sales calls and presentations, and even your interactions at home? We could call it Face the Facts Friday and we would share your statistics of how many meetings you were falling asleep in, how many presentations you didn’t prepare for, how many times your eyes glazed over when you were pretending to listen to your kids, and how many opportunities you missed the teachable moment to drive a real impact.

Every day we work with top executives all over the world and they sometimes say things like, “I am too busy to do a bunch of Sustainable High Performance strategies. I have back to back-to-back meetings, I travel so much, and I have so many presentations in a week that I just have to get it done.” Wow, I think, you must be amazingly intelligent and important. If you can attend all of your meetings and presentations without any personal performance preparation, just your presence must be a game changer. One reason this would be so amazing is because I can’t imagine one professional athlete whose physical presence without any preparation is so extraordinary that they could win in their competition. 

I tell this story because we all have seen a leader show up for a meeting late, be mentally distracted the entire time, yawn as others speak, and contribute very little other than the distractions they offer up because they feel compelled to add something to the conversation. The problem is that that leader didn’t see himself/herself because we don’t film these performances and we don’t have a Face the Facts Friday where they would have to be accountable for coming to a meeting at 50% of their peak performance capacity. 

The point is that our co-workers, customers, family, and friends all notice when we bring less than our best to our key events. This doesn’t mean we should always be on pins and needles afraid to make a mistake. It does mean we all need to implement Sustainable High Performance strategies where we use Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery strategies so we can maximize our impact, give energy to others, and contribute to the creation of the best solutions. 

This next week, imagine you are being filmed, your performance will be reviewed, and you will be accountable for the impact you make and the impact you missed. Build the transitions you need between events and prepare for your key events (both at work and away from work) like people are counting on you, because they are. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

By Scott Peltin

Founder // Chief Performance Officer