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Scott Peltin

This time of the year is one of our favorites because it provides us the opportunity to reflect on our year, the lessons we’ve learned, the trends we’ve seen, the people we’ve had the opportunity to impact, and the amazing impact so many people in this world made on their teams, brands, and customers. Many of the lessons we learn throughout the year are expressed through our Tignum Thoughts, and this year we want to share the top 5 blogs of 2017 along with the lessons we learned from them.

.01 Preparing for High Performance Presentations - While each person's preparation can be highly individualized, this blog highlights a routine that can be applied and adapted to most of your big events. This preparation plan combines small yet effective strategies in Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery to give you control of your own performance to help you break your previous cycle of uncertainty before a presentation.

.02 Leading Through Adversity - Leading isn’t easy, and leading through adversity is even tougher. No one ever said it should be easy, but is there any better feeling than being tested in the heat of the battle and emerging successfully with your entire team/organization even better than it was before?

.03 Invisible Fatigue- Emotional fatigue can often be overlooked and invisible. Like all of our Tignum approaches to recovery, if you wait until you are suffering, it's too late because your performance is already compromised, and you're already losing impact. Sustainable High Performers front load their performance by building recovery strategies into every day, every week, and every month.

.04 Coaching Makes the Difference - Although many people have the knowledge, the application of that knowledge (even simple knowledge) and the ability to apply this knowledge to the how, the why, and the when can be challenging. Great coaches help great players with the application of their knowledge when it matters most. This coaching technique also holds true in the business world. While business schools may do an exceptional job of teaching the frameworks of business, we are seeing more and more of the best performers turn to coaches to stretch themselves and stay at the top of their game.

.05 Is Winging It Killing Your Impact - In today’s busy, highly-demanding world, the days of winging it are over. The days where teams and leaders could hang out all night and party and then come into work and wing it during a critical meeting are waning. In some ways, just making ourselves overly busy with stuff is the new hangover.

As you shut down at the end of the year, we would like you to think of this transition/celebration in three phases. Phase one is to unload from last year. This is the process of taking off your armor, dumping your backpack, and allowing yourself to be free again. Phase two is to reset. This means celebrating what you have achieved, recalibrating your adrenal/stress system, and resetting your expectations for yourself and your team. The final phase is the restart. This phase should probably start right before the new year where you get clarity around your own Sustainable High Performance, your first steps you need to take at the start of the new year, and the self-image you want to enter 2018 with.

From all of us at Tignum, we want to thank you for your support all year. Our passion is helping you become a Sustainable High Performer, and we know that this is always a work in progress. For us, 2018 is going to be our best year yet as we continue to develop our content, strategies, coaching, and our digital platforms to best support you. As always, we would love to hear what you think, what you need, and how you’re doing.

By Scott Peltin

Founder/Chief Performance Officer