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Scott Peltin

Here we sit again at the beginning of a new year. New dreams, new challenges, new goals, and likely some new projects await you. You took a couple of weeks off (if you were lucky), you ate some great food, you hopefully slept in a little to catch up on your sleep, and here you sit facing a new mountain wondering, "How am I going to pull this off?" You may even be thinking, "Here we go again." It feels like deja vu with a mountain of pressure to deliver on this year’s targets. Somehow, the fear or anxiety of what’s next holds you hostage and prevents you from truly developing your Sustainable High Performance habits for this upcoming year.

The key is to focus on those things that are within your control. What will you do to bring your best self to work every day? What will you do to develop your Performance Mindset (focus, control of emotions, confidence, etc.)? What will you do to build your own energy and to give energy to others? What will you do to optimize your performance every day? What will you do to bring the right effort and attitude to everything you touch? Will you remember to reflect on and learn from every experience you have? These are all within your control, and these are the things you actually want to do to create success throughout this year.

When you focus on these things, you not only feel better about what you achieve, you feel better about the person you are becoming, which is usually more impactful than a traditional New Year's resolution. When you approach your performances in this way, you build an authentic belief in yourself. This helps you start the new year with confidence and excitement instead of anxiety. This approach helps you know that whatever challenges or setbacks appear, you will have the inner will, skill, and belief to succeed. When you do this, you are not at the mercy of the external things out of your control. Instead, you become immune to the noise around you as you truly are a Sustainable High Performer.

From all of us at Tignum, we wish you a happy New Year, and we encourage you to look forward to who you will become this year. As always, I would love to hear what you think.

By Scott Peltin

Founder/Chief Performance Officer